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Note: There is a LogoProposals page that gathers all project logo proposals and ideas !

Maven Plugins currently hosted under this project are:

But this Wiki is used for discussion of all things related to JakartaMaven. With an emphasis on MavenPlugins though, since that is the preferred way of adding to Mavens functionality.

I guess you could say that what we are trying to do here is to encourage Wiki:DevelopingIdeasUsingCommunityDialogue in the JakartaMaven community!

Good starting points on this Wiki:


The page WantedPlugins is the place to discuss ideas for Maven Plugins that people would like to see at some point in the future. Join the discussion and maybe offer a helping hand if you happen to have the same itch as someone else :)


The PluginsSandbox is the place where a Wanted Plugin goes when it materialize into something more than just musings and wishes and development of some code starts. At this point in it's life a plugin should at least have some code snippets available somewhere on the net. The plugin may lack a lot of features and it might even be broken - but at least there is some code to pick up for others wanting to take the plugin for a spin.


MavenPlugins are mature plugins that have grown out of the sandbox. They should always come with documentation that describe:

  • the MavenGoals? they contain
  • the MavenProperties? they support, including what the default values are
  • a description of requirements for things that can not be handled by the MavenDependency? mechanism like executables in the path, a webserver with access to cgi execution of Perl scripts, or even external hardware e.g. for the much wanted CoffeePlugin? :-)

Should there be other requirements? Are these requirements always reasonable?


MavenCorePlugins are plugins developped at Jakarta that ship with JakartaMaven. Some of those plugins are installed with JakartaMaven, so that you can get a set of functionalities right out from the box. They usually are quite mature, and thoroughly tested. The functionalities provided out of the box include:

  • Generation of the web site (ProjectInfos?, JavaDocs?, ChangeLog?, metric results, etc...)
  • Creation of jars and distributions (source and binaries)
  • Creation of WebApplications?
  • UnitTesting?
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