Overview of Plugins

AlmostPlainText Plug-in Java Project Management Tools
Maven Axis Plugin Generate Java code from WSDL using Axis
Maven Cobertura Plug-in Cobertura calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests.
Maven DB2 Plug-in DB2 Plugin for Maven
dbUnit Plug-in dbUnit tasks
Debian Package Plug-In A plugin to create debian packages.
Maven DotUml Plug-in Java Project Management Tools
Doxygen Plug-in Maven Plug-in for doxygen
Maven Files Plugin Creates files report
FindBugs Plug-in Findbugs tasks
Maven flash plugin A Flash plugin for Maven.
Maven Hammurapi Plugin Reports from Hammurapi, Java code review tool
Help Plugin Show some Help about Maven
Maven History Plugin Maven History Plugin
Maven IzPack Plugin IzPack Plugin for Maven
Java Application Plugin Generates an executable JAR
Maven JAVANCSS Plug-in MAVEN 1.1 Plug-in for JAVANCSS
Maven JAXB Plugin JAXB Tools
Kodo Plugin Maven plugin for Solarmetric's Kodo JDO implementation
Maven Macker Plugin Build-time architectural rule checking utility
Middlegen Plugin Middlegen Plugin for Maven
Maven News Plugin Creates News report
RPM Plugin Maven plugin to generate RPM's (Redhat Package)
Runtime Builder Plug-in Runtime builder
SchemaSpy Plug-in MAVEN Plug-in for SchemaSpy
SDocBook Plug-in MAVEN Plug-in for DOCBOOK
Sourceforge plug-in Deploys distributions to Sourceforge
Maven SpringGraph Plugin SpringGraph Plugin for Maven
Strutsdoc Plug-in Produces a struts documentation report.
Tasks Plug-in Produce tasks report
Maven Transform plugin This plugin provides goals to transform xml documents into html and pdf.
Maven UberDist Plugin Distribution plugin for multiple projects
Maven Vignette plugin Plugin used to deploy to a Vignette CMS.
WebSphere 4.0 Plug-in Manipulate WAS 4
WebSphere 5 (5.0/5.1) Plugin Manage WAS 5/5.1
Maven WAS5 Config plugin Maven plugin for scripting WAS5 config
Maven WebLogic Plug-in Maven Plugin for BEA WebLogic 8.1
Maven WebTest Plug-in Maven Plugin for Canoo WebTest
Wiki Plugin Generate a Wiki from your project !
Word to HTML Plug-in Convert Word docs to HTML
XML Resume Plugin A Maven plugin for transforming XML Resumes to other formats.