Canoo Webtest Plug-in Properties

This parameters are used to configure the plugin

PropertyOptional?Default ValueDescription
maven.webtest.file Yes *.xml Pattern for selecting the Canoo Webtest file to execute No Target to executed for the the given Canoo Webtest files
maven.webtest.src Yes ${basedir}/webtest The location of the test scripts to be executed
maven.webtest.ant.options Yes Useful for debugging the ANT scripts. If you are struggling than you could use "-debug"
maven.webtest.sysproperties Yes Use this property elements to specify properties to be passed to WebTest scripts. You can specify system properties separate by space. Each properties is describe in sub properties. Sample :
maven.webtest.sysproperties=webtestUsername webtestPassword
In this example, you will be prompted if you don't pass a webtestPassword value in to supply one.

Canoo Webtest Plug-in Connection Properties

This parameters are passed straight to the configuration of Canoo Webtest

PropertyOptional?Default ValueDescription Yes localhost The host address passed to Canoo Web Test
maven.webtest.config.port Yes 80 The port number passed to Canoo Web Test
maven.webtest.config.protocol Yes http The protocol used for the server, e.g. http or https
maven.webtest.config.basepath Yes The base path passed to Canoo Web Test
maven.webtest.config.summary Yes true Forces Canoo Webt Test to create a test summary - overwrite at your own risk
maven.webtest.config.saveresponse Yes true Saves the HTML responses - overwrite at your own risk
maven.webtest.config.resultpath Yes true The directory where the test summaries and HTML responses are stored - overwrite at your own risk
maven.webtest.config.haltonfailure Yes true Stop executing the test script on a failure
maven.webtest.config.haltonerror Yes true Stop executing the test script on an error
maven.webtest.config.showhtmlparseroutput Yes true Shows output of HTML parser, might have no effect now for NeckoHTML
maven.webtest.config.autorefresh Yes false Specifies whether the client should automatically follow page refresh requests