weblogic:appcRun appc on an ear
weblogic:appcwarRun appc on a war
weblogic:clusterstartStart all servers in a cluster
weblogic:clusterstateShow the state of the cluster
weblogic:clusterstopStop all servers in a cluster
weblogic:connectConnect to a server to test availability
weblogic:deployDeploys an application EAR
weblogic:deploywarDeploys an application war. When deploying a war we do an upload operation as if the server was remote. This is to get around an issue where the server will lock the war and you cannot rebuild unless you restart your server. We noticed this during our cactus debugging.
weblogic:deploywipDeploys an application war in place
weblogic:forceshutdownForce the shutdown of a server
weblogic:getstateOutput the operational state of a server.
weblogic:infoPrints the configuration
weblogic:jnditreeOutput the JNDI tree beginning from the node.
weblogic:listappsList the applications on the server
weblogic:prepare-deployHook for deployment
weblogic:redeployRedeploys an application EAR/WAR
weblogic:remotedeployDeploys an application EAR on a remote server
weblogic:remotedeploywarDeploys an application war to a remote admin server
weblogic:serverlogOutput the server log
weblogic:shutdownShutdown a server
weblogic:startStart an application
weblogic:stopStop an application
weblogic:threaddumpCause a threaddump to output to standard output of the server.
weblogic:undeployUndeploys an application EAR/WAR
weblogic:versionOutput the version of weblogic on the server
weblogic:workshopbuildBuild a workshop project.
weblogic:workshopcleanClean a workshop project.
weblogic:workshopdeployDeploys the workshop ear to the remote repository
weblogic:workshopinstallInstall the workshop ear in the local repository