Maven Vignette Plug-in

This plugin deploys files to a Vignette CMS.


Make sure that the Vignette jars (vgn_cms.jar and vgn_internals.jar) and RSA jars (certj.jar, jsafe.jar, and sslj.jar) are correctly pointed to by the maven.vignette.jars.* properties. These files are distributed with Vignette.

If you're repository does not have a CMSDeploy jar listed, then you may need to download it from SourceForge and add it manually. Just rename it to cmsdeploy-1.0.1.jar to satisfy this plugin's dependency.

Install this plug-in.

Note: At this point you should be able to run the vignette:declare goal which will insure that the above steps are done properly.

Before attempting to use this plugin be sure to configure the plugin to point to your Vignette CMS instance. See the maven.vignette.cms.* properties.

Lastly make sure that your project folder has the expected format. There should be ${basedir}/config directory in which you have *.properties files. Your Jsps and static files should be in a folder called ${basedir}/webapp. Your *.tld files should be located in ${basedir}/webapp/WEB-INF/tld.

Note: At this point you should be able to use the vignette:deploy* goals and then verify that it put your files onto the Vignette CMS.


There are two basic sets of commands distributed with this plugin. The touch goals and the deploy.

The CMSDeploy code will only deploy files that were changed since the last invocation. If you want to distribute files that haven't changed used the vignette:touch* goals.

Then you can use the vignette:deploy* goals to move files onto the CMS.

There are some roll-up goals which are used to run many goals at once. These are vignette:touchAll, vignette:deployAll, and vignette:all.