Maven UberDist Plugin Properties

Property nameDescriptionOptional?
maven.uber.dist.assembly.root The directory where the distribution is built (under the project's target).

It is also called the distribution assembly dir.


maven.uber.dist.dir The directory under the project's target dir

where the plugin puts the final distribution: tarball or zip

files based on the OS under which it is created.


maven.uber.dist.proj.subdir Specifies the sub-directory under the distribution assembly

dir where the files for this project should be kept.

This is necessary only if you are in a multiproject

environment with seperate distributions.

maven.uber.dist.assembly.dir This property holds the directory where the distribution assembly is.

By default, it is made of the concatenation of root dir followed

by project sub-dir if any.


Autres a finir:maven.uber.dist.assembly.dep.subdir= maven.uber.dist.executable.permission=gu+x maven.uber.dist.executable.includes=**/*.sh,**/*.so maven.uber.dist.launch.scripts=*.sh,*.cmd,*.bat

Other properties used

If you are behind firewall and need to use proxy server see following section from the Maven User Guide .