uber-dist:init This goal is provided to give a hook on project developpers to add a preGoal so that

the project registers itself with the plugin.

It also checks for make an OS check to to customize the tar call so that

file access rights are kept in the tarball if building un Unix or Solaris

uber-dist:make This goal make a distribution. It starts from the existing target files and from the existing distribution assembly. Some files may be out of date but its way faster that a complete rebuild.
uber-dist:build This goal is used to create from scratch a binary distribution. Like make, it will build the distribution assembly in the dist-assembly dir (under target) but unlike uber-dist:make, this goal calls the goal clean-dist-filesystem before any other goal.
uber-dist:prepare-dist-filesystem TBD
uber-dist:clean-dist-filesystem TBD
uber-dist:create-distrib TBD
uber-dist:dist-setup TBD
uber-dist:clean-dist TBD
uber-dist:copy-deps TBD
uber-dist:make-executable TBD
uber-dist:copy-scripts TBD