Release History

1.3 2006-07-01
1.2 2004-05-12
1.1 2004-02-05
1.0 2003-12-05

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Release 1.3 - 2006-07-01

fix Make plugin work against latest sourceforge. Fixes 1245493 and 1145798 . scolebourne
add Added maven.sourceforge.publish.includes and maven.sourceforge.publish.excludes so files to upload can be controlled. Fixes 1174642. scolebourne
add Added maven.sourceforge.project.changeNotes to allow the location and name of the changes file to be changed. scolebourne
update Enhance format of changes text. scolebourne
update Default value of maven.sourceforge.project.releaseNotes changed from 'RELEASE.txt' to 'RELEASE-NOTES.txt'. scolebourne
update Renamed maven.sourceforge.project.packageDescription to maven.sourceforge.project.newsTitle. scolebourne
add Add property maven.sourceforge.overwriteExistingVersion to avoid destroying existing releases. scolebourne
update Use jelly 1.0 jar. scolebourne
update Use velocity 1.4 jar. scolebourne
update Use commons-httpclient 2.0.2 jar. scolebourne
update Use commons-net 1.4.1 jar. scolebourne
update Use commons-logging 1.0.4 jar. scolebourne
add Use the project name (given by the property instead of the group ID to simplify setup. ludovicc
update Display the file that is being sent by FTP. Fixes 1002512. Thanks to hkollmann. ludovicc
update Fix the changes goal's pre-requisites. Fixes 1054779. Thanks to hkollmann. ludovicc
update Added flexibility to jelly.xml, now it's possible to call each process standalone. You can upload and release more than one package with different files - all build during one site:generate cycle. Fixes 1002519. Thanks to hkollmann. ludovicc
update Use nekohtml-0.9.3.jar. Fixes 1145272. ludovicc
add Fail if password not present at plugin start. Fixes 987148. Thanks to Carlos Sanchez. ludovicc
add Added maven.sourceforge.project.sendEmailNotice property. Fixes 1013364. Thanks to Carlos Sanchez. ludovicc

Release 1.2 - 2004-05-12

fix updated plugin to work with Maven 1.0 rc2. ludovicc
update use commons-httpclient-2.0.jar and nekohtml-0.9.2.jar ludovicc

Release 1.1 - 2004-02-05

fix fixed the carriage return issue when publishing the news item for the release. ludovicc
fix fixed an issue with the package id when the user has only Release Manager rights and not Admin rights. ludovicc
update use commons-httpclient-2.0-rc3.jar, simplify the installation of the plugin ludovicc
update use the standard properties for configuring the proxy. ludovicc

Release 1.0 - 2003-12-05

add Initial release ludovicc