Maven DOCBOOK Plug-in

This plugin uses Apache FO processor to create PDF or HTML from DOCBOOK directly, i.e. without creating an intermediate XDOC file as it is done with the current DocBook plugin.

In the folder sdocbook there is a sample Simplified DocBook document I used for testing the plugin. Just run "maven sdocbook" .... :-)

The style sheets are taken from the DocBook Open Repository project on SourceForge

And last but not least - thanks to Together Teamlosungen for their support of Open Source Software and their contributions such as Enhydra Application Server 5.0 ("Aonyx") and a couple of Maven plugins.

Projects using this plugin

Two projects are using the latest features of this plugin, including stylesheet customization.

A bit of history

This plugin was originally developed by Siegfried Goeschl (wdsgoe) in the year 2002, and Siegfried has been the main developer up until v1.3 (as far as I know). I think the initial goal of this plugin was to process documents written in Simplified DOCBOOK, hence the name "sdocbook". But stylesheets used for transforming the sources are actually for the full DOCBOOK (the XML DTD version). So, despite its name, it does not only handle simplified docbook, but the full (xml) docbook (or, as full as the XSL stylesheets currently implements DocBook XSL :-).

From the 1.4 version, we tried to drop the "Simplified" term, though it might still appear here and there. It is a bit too much work and trouble for existing users, to actually change the name of the plugin from sdocbook (also remembering, that there already is another plugin called 'docbook' :-). So, we keep the name 'sdocbook'.

In newer versions we'll try to move the name to "docbook", as the old "docbook" plugin is no longer mantained.