RPM Plugin Properties

maven.rpm.build.dir${maven.build.dir}/rpmYesThe directory where the RPM sources and specs are stored.
maven.rpm.version${pom.currentVersion}YesThe package's version (WARNING: RPM doesn't accept "-" caracters).
maven.rpm.licenseSET-MENoThe license of the applications (required to build the RPM).
maven.rpm.requiresYesThe extra dependencies of the application (other than dependencies from the POM)
maven.rpm.provides${maven.final.name}YesWhat the package provides (defaults to the final name of the application).
maven.rpm.groupJava ApplicationsYesThe software group of the project.
maven.rpm.prefix/usr/localYesThe prefix used to install the software (used to build "relocatable RPMS").
maven.rpm.install.dir${maven.rpm.prefix}/${pom.id}/${pom.currentVersion}YesThe directory where the package will be installed.