Maven JAXB Plug-in

This plugin generates code based on user-supplied XML schemas using JAXB.


You must first download JAXB from Sun to obtain the appropriate JAR files. It is part of the Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP 1.5).

See the JAXB web site and the JWSDP web site for more information.

Copy the dependend JWSDP JAR files into ~/.maven/repository/jswdp/jars. You must rename each of the JARs to add the jwsdp.1.5 version, for example jaxb-api-jwsdp.1.5.jar.

To install the plugin, simply download the plugin JAR file and copy it into $MAVEN_HOME/plugins.


The code is automatically generated before the java:compile goal, so that the generated code is automatically processed as if it was part of the normal application source code.

For more information on the functionality provided by this plugin, please see the Goals document.

For more information on how to customise the functionality provided by this plugin, please see the properties document.


There is a maven 2 plugin with similar functionality at

There is currently no active maintainer for this plugin.

The jaxb jars have been uploaded to's repository, but it isn't used in this plugin yet.