Property Settings

All Properties of the plugin in alphabetical order.

PropertyOptional?Description Yes The build directory of the plugin. Defaults to ${}/javaapp
maven.javaapp.cmdline Yes Command line paramters for starting the executable JAR through the plugin using javaapp:run Yes The qualified file name of the created artifact
maven.javaapp.jar.compress Yes Create a compressed JAR. Defaults to true
maven.javaapp.jar.exclude Yes A comma seperated list of arifactIds to be excluded from the result, e.g. "mail,servlet-api". The artifactIds must be therefore referenced in the POM. The value is automatically set to a list with the artifactId of all dependencies not of type jar and all without a property uberjar.nobundle set to true.
maven.javaapp.jar.index Yes Create an index of the classes in the manifest. Defaults to ${maven.jar.index} Yes The name of the generated executable JAR. Defaults to ${}-${maven.javaapp.type}.jar
maven.javaapp.keep.extension Yes Keep the maven.javaapp.type as extension of the resulting application or use simply .jar. Defaults to false
maven.javaapp.mainclass No The name of the class to start the application. This property is copied into MANIFEST.MF
maven.javaapp.manifest.specificationTitle Yes The specificationTitle in the manifest. Defaults to ${pom.artifactId}:${pom.groupId}
maven.javaapp.manifest.specificationVendor Yes The specificationVendor in the manifest. Defaults to ${}
maven.javaapp.manifest.specificationVersion Yes The specificationVersion in the manifest. According to Sun's specification this must be a number to compare (although this spec defines invalid Package elements instead of Implementation elements). Defaults to ${pom.specificationVersion}. Since this value is not part of POM v3, the plugin generates a version if the variable is empty by using major.minor of the pom.version.
maven.javaapp.sysproperties Yes List of system properties to be passed to 'javaapp:run', e.g. '-DFOO=XXX -DBAR=YYY'
maven.javaapp.type Yes The type of artifact created by the plugin
maven.javaapp.jvmargs Yes List of JVM arguments passed to 'javaapp:run',

Additionally to the described properties, the javaapp plugin also supports following properties of the jar plugin:

  • maven.jar.manifest.attributes.list
  • maven.jar.manifest.groups.list