hammurapi-report Settings

General Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.reportsDirectory No

Default value is ${maven.docs.dest}/hammurapi .

maven.hammurapi.unpackDir No. If this attribute is set then HAR archive will be unpacked in the given directory instead of a temporary one.
maven.hammurapi.debugType No. Class name to debug
maven.hammurapi.embeddedInspectors No. Load embedded inspectors. Defaults to true.
maven.hammurapi.classPath No.
maven.hammurapi.archive No. Hammurapi archive to process.
maven.hammurapi.dpmoThreshold No. Fail build if project DPMO is above the threshold.
maven.hammurapi.sigmaThreshold No. Fail build if project Sigma is below the threshold.
maven.hammurapi.failOnFirstException No. Fail build as soon as there is an exception. Default is false.
maven.hammurapi.failOnWarnings No. Fail build if there have been warnings. Default is true.
maven.hammurapi.severityThreshold No. Fail build on violations with severity levels lower or equal to the threshold.
maven.hammurapi.title No.
maven.hammurapi.waiverStubs No. File to output waiver stubs for rejected waiver requests to. Selected waiver stubs can then be copied to waiver source. Simplifies waiver creation
maven.hammurapi.evictBadInspectors No. Remove inspector from inspector set if it throws an exception during review
maven.hammurapi.force No. Force review even if the file is not changed
maven.hammurapi.baselining No. Sets baselining mode. Possible values: off (default) - no baselining, on - do not report violations stored in the baseline table, set - all violations from current scan are saved to the baseline table. The idea is to filter out all violations in preexisting code and report only new violations. Not all violations can be filtered out, only thouse with signatures. Significant code modifications can surface some baselined violation.
maven.hammurapi.forceOnWarnings No. Force review of files with warnings, even if the file is not changed. Default is true
maven.hammurapi.reviewDescription No. Description of review, e.g. release number. Appears in history annotation.
maven.hammurapi.database No. If this parameter is set then Hypersonic standalone database will be used instead of temporary database. You must set database name if you want to run incremental reviews.
maven.hammurapi.tabSize No. Tab size in source files. Defaults to 8.

Output Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.output.dir No

Instead use maven.hammurapi.reportsDirectory

maven.hammurapi.output.embeddedStyle No

Use embedded stylesheets if no stylesheets has been set explicitly. Default is true

maven.hammurapi.output.extension No

Extension for output files. Defaults to ".html"

maven.hammurapi.output.javaDocDir No

JavaDoc directory to generate links. Default value is ${maven.javadoc.destdir}

Config Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.config.failOnError No

Fail build if unable to read source. Default is true

maven.hammurapi.config.URL No

URL to read rules from.

maven.hammurapi.config.file Yes, unless URL is set.

File to read rules from.

Connection Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.connection.driverClass Yes

Driver class.

maven.hammurapi.connection.url No

Connection URL

maven.hammurapi.connection.user No

Database password

maven.hammurapi.connection.password No

Database user

Waivers Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.waivers.failOnError No

Fail build if unable to read source. Default is true

maven.hammurapi.waivers.URL No

URL to read rules from.

maven.hammurapi.waivers.file Yes, unless URL is set.

File to read rules from.

historyoutput Settings

Property Required Description
maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.table Yes

Table name

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.reportUrl No

Report url

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.host No.

Name of the host to differentiate reports from different hosts.

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.description No.

Review description .

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.driverClass No.

Driver class.

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.password No.

Database password.

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.url No.

Connection url .

maven.hammurapi.historyoutput.user No.

Database user .