FindBugs Settings

Property Optional? Description
maven.findbugs.enable No

Specifies whether to run FindBugs or not. Useful when a reactor is used across multiple projects.

maven.findbugs.detail Yes

Specifies whether "low", "medium", or "high" priority bugs should be listed. Defaults to "medium".

maven.findbugs.conserveSpace Yes

If set to true, FindBugs will disable analyses that improve precision but consume extra memory. Default is false.

maven.findbugs.debug Yes

If set to true, FindBugs prints diagnostic information about which classes are being analyzed, and which bug pattern detectors are being run. Default is false.

maven.findbugs.jvmargs Yes

It specifies any arguments that should be passed to the Java virtual machine used to run FindBugs. You may need to use this attribute to specify flags to increase the amount of memory the JVM may use if you are analyzing a very large program.

maven.findbugs.excludeFilter Yes

Report all bug instances except those matching the filter specified in the xml Filter file. See for more information.

maven.findbugs.includeFilter Yes

Only report bug instances that match the filter specified in the xml Filter file. See for more information.

maven.findbugs.timeout Yes

It specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the Java process executing FindBugs may run before it is assumed to be hung and is terminated. The default is 600,000 milliseconds, which is ten minutes. Note that for very large programs, FindBugs may require more than ten minutes to complete its analysis.

maven.findbugs.visitors Yes

It specifies a comma-separated list of bug detectors which should be run. The bug detectors are specified by their class names, without any package qualification. By default, all detectors which are not disabled by default are run.

maven.findbugs.omitVisitors Yes

It is like the visitors attribute, except it specifies detectors which will not be run.

maven.findbugs.plugins Yes

Classpath of plugin Jar files to load separated by either a colon or semicolon. These are in addition to the core plugins.

maven.findbugs.failOnError Yes

Whether to abort the build process if there is an error running FindBugs. Defaults to true.

maven.findbugs.quietErrors Yes

If true, reports of serious analysis errors and missing classes will be suppressed in the FindBugs output. Default is false.