Maven Dotuml Plug-in

This plug-in provides your basic UML class diagrams in .dot format via the dotuml goals as described here. Also, it converts .pic sequence diagram files into an image format.

The properties that allow you to customize the execution of this plugin are documented here.

Class Diagrams

The following list contains additional JavaDoc tags which are used by the UmlGraph doclet to generate the UML diagrams:

  • stereotypes (using the @stereotype name tag)
  • tagged values (using the @tagvalue name value tag)
  • association relationships (specified using the javadoc @assoc tag)
  • navigatable (directed) association relationships (specified using the javadoc @navassoc tag)
  • aggregation relationships (specified using the javadoc @has tag)
  • composition relationships (specified using the javadoc @composed tag)
  • dependency relationships (specified using the javadoc @depend tag)

The relationship tags take for arguments:

 * @composed 1 - 1 BClass
 * @composed 1 - 0..* Class
class AClass {}

Sequence Diagrams

For a detailed description of sequence diagrams using pic macros please have a look at the online documentation.

Currently, the best way to add the sequence diagrams into the project web-page is to create a new xdoc file which links to the ones in ${maven.dotuml.pic2plot.dest.dir}. Then link this new file into navigation.xml.

Note: the sequence.pic file from the UmlGraph distribution has to be somewhere in your project path. The header of the .pic files require a relative/absolute path to the sequence.pic file.

In order to include the generation of sequence diagrams in your project web-page add the following preGoal directive into the project's maven.xml file:

<preGoal name="site">
  <attainGoal name="dotuml:sequence" />


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