Maven History Dashboard

Maven History Dashboard is a plugin to build history reports with informations given by the Maven Dashboard Plugin.

You can see a sample of Maven History Dashboard report Here

As an example, Maven History Dashboard plugin draws the evolution of unit tests for Java code from a project built with Maven.

The following curve draw the evolution of the percentage of code unit-tested. It uses informations from Maven Dashboard plugin to draw the curve :


The features of Maven History Dashboad plugin are the following :

  • A component to build an history of values for each indicators given by the Maven Dashboard plugin. Values are store in a XML file.
  • A component to draw the curves for each indicators, using JFreechart.
  • Ant Tasks to call the components, in order to script their execution.
  • A Maven Plugin to construct a report of history.
  • Integration with CruiseControl


  • 1.0 beta1 version