Plugin properties

maven.axis.dir${}/axisYes Specifies the root directory for axis output files.
maven.axis.generated.dir${maven.axis.dir}/srcYes Specifies the source directory for the generated .java files.${maven.axis.dir}/buildYes Specifies the build directory for the generated .java files. The reason why it differs from maven.axis.generated.dir is the fact that implementation classes can be excluded.
maven.axis.excludesemptyYes Specifies a ";" separated exclude list of generated files which should not appear in the build process. (e.g. */**/*
maven.axis.test.dir${maven.axis.dir}/testYes Specifies the test directory for the generated test classes.

java2wsdl properties

maven.axis.classnamesNo Specifies a comma-separated list of classes names to import, eg. org.example.Foo. Required. It's required too to define the namespace and location for these classes like this :


maven.axis.java2wsdl.excludeYes Specifies comma separated list of methods to exclude from the wsdl file.
maven.axis.output${maven.src.dir}/wsdlYes Specifies the directory which contains all .wsdl files.
maven.axis.useinheritedmethodsfalseYes Specified if wsdl should inherited methods be exported too.

wsdl2java properties

maven.axis.url${maven.src.dir}/wsdlYes Specifies the URL to a single .wsdl definition. The default value points to a local directory which contains all .wsdl files.
maven.axis.alltrueYes Specifies flag to generate code for all elements, even unreferenced ones.
maven.axis.deployscopesessionYes The session for deployment.
maven.axis.testcasenoYes Specifies whether testcases should be generated or not.
maven.wsdl2java.namespaceMappingsemptyYes Specifies a comma-separated list of namespace to package name mappings. The format is maven.wsdl2java.namespaceMappings=X=com.X,Y=com.Y, where X and Y map to com.X and com.Y respectively. Default is empty.
maven.axis.debugfalseYes Specifies if output is in debug mode.
maven.axis.factoryorg.apache.axis.wsdl.toJava.JavaGeneratorFactoryYes Specifies the name of the Java2WSDLFactory class for extending WSDL generation functions.
maven.axis.helpergenfalseYes Turn on/off Helper class generation.
maven.axis.timeoutfalseYes Specifies the timeout in milliseconds for URL retrieval; default is 45 seconds. Set this to -1 to disable timeouts altogether: other negative values are not allowed.

deploy properties

maven.axis.homeNo (if maven.axis.copy.deploy is set to true) The axis webapps directory. This property is used to copy all classes and dependencies into ${maven.axis.home}/WEB-INF/lib directory.
maven.axis.copy.deployfalseYes If this property is set to true, copy all classes and dependencies into the ${maven.axis.home}/WEB-INF/lib directory.
maven.axis.wsdd.deployyes Path to the deploy.wsdd file.
maven.axis.wsdd.undeployyes Path to the undeploy.wsdd file.
maven.axis.admin.urlhttp://localhost:8080/axis/services/AdminService?wsdlyes URL to the admin service of axis.