Maven Plugins is a collection of plugins for Apache Maven 1.x. These plugins are not part of Maven since they use an incompatible license agreement or the JARs upon which they depend use an incompatible license agreement.

Please refer to the Plugins Overview page for a summary of all plugins available here.


Note: All of the plugins were originally written for Maven 1.0. Many of them worked with Maven 1.1 without change, while some required updates. If you encounter compatibility issues, please email the user list.

None of the plugins here work with Maven 2.

If you are looking for information on a Maven 2 plugin, please check the main Maven site, or the Mojo project at Codehaus.


If you need help or have a question/suggestion, please email the user list.

If you found a bug, need an enhancement, and/or have a patch to contribute, please create the correct SourceForge tracker item.

There are only a couple of maintainers of the plugins here, so patches are extra-welcomed to fix or improve. :-)

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